How to prevent sea sickness while fishing? A complete overview about seasickness and preventive measures

If you are the one who loves to spend your vacations on a boat while fishing.  Then you definitely feel something very annoying on the boat.  Yes, you have got the right estimation.  So we are talking about seasickness.

Many people experience this feeling when they are on the water for a long time. Absolutely it is not a good feeling at all but it happens to most people. So in this article, we will be dealing with all the questions about seasickness and how to prevent seasickness while fishing?

So if you want to learn all the details about this condition and what are the possible ways to avoid it.  Then stay here for a few minutes and read this article till the last.

How to prevent sea sickness while fishing?

If you are planning to have a fishing tour on the boat then you must be ready to seasick. However, all people do not experience this but most people are into it. There could be many reasons for seasickness while you are fishing.

Before discussing the tips to avoid seasickness we will have a short introduction about seasickness. So let us elaborate for you; what is seasickness?

Seasickness is a condition that happens due to the improper functioning of receptors of the inner ear and eyes. Our inner ear has liquid inside it that helps to maintain a balance, and retain the posture of a person.  Due to the continuous motion of the boat on the water, this balance is disturbed.   

As a result, the receptors present in our inner ear and eyes send a message to the brain.  It mainly triggers the part that causes vomiting.  And ultimately the person will start vomiting and fall badly ill.

In addition to vomiting, the person feels high and the following things might happen to you. Following are some of the symptoms of sea sickness:

  •         Nausea
  •         Cold sweats
  •         Dizziness
  •         Unconsciousness

 If this motion sickness is too intense then the condition of the person will get worse with time.  For that, it is good to get off the board as soon as possible.  

Now let’s discuss the main subject of this article, how to prevent seasickness while fishing?

Tips for prevention of seasickness

Before you get on the board it is extremely important to do some preparations for preventing sea sicknesss. If you are vulnerable to this condition then the following are the key steps that you must follow to avoid this condition to a great extent.

  •         Go light with your meals
  •         Keep your body hydrated
  •         Avoid staring at waves in water
  •         Avoid more alcohol intake


·         Go light with your meals

You must agree with this point that many people feel bad when they eat heavy before they ride. No matter if it is on the road or in water, you must be light with your meals.

Whenever it’s time to get on the board, always take small portions of the meal.  This rule goes the same when you are on the boat in the water.  Try to eat good protein food with potential calories. Oily and too much spicy food can also be a reason for seasickness.

·         Keep your body hydrated

The best thing for seasickness prevention is to fully hydrate your body. It is a very critical point to keep your body hydrated when you are fishing.

We can add this to double the importance of this point,  “a bottle of water and a fishing rod in your hand is equally important”.

When you are on the board fishing for many hours a day, you are in direct contact with the sun. It will cause an imbalance of electrolytes in your body.  Of course, the water level of your body will come down and cause dehydration and ultimately a reason for seasickness.

·         Avoid steering waves in water

Although you cannot avoid this, keeping yourself distracted in other entertaining things can help here.  Almost 60% of the people face the condition of seasickness, because of full-time water visuals around them.

Let’s answer one of your questions here: can you get used to seasickness? So here is the answer, yes you can.

People who spend most of their time in the water or they are professional fishermen, get used to seasickness after a particular time.

·         Avoid more alcohol intake

Over intake of alcohol might ruin your fishing tour. Taking alcohol in excessive amounts can cause seasickness. Drinking alcohol a night before you get on the board will enhance the symptoms of seasickness.

Even if you are fishing, only a mild quantity of alcohol is allowed.  It is because the alcohol intake will make you unconscious and you will not be able to focus on fishing.

Now you are familiar with all the possible preventive measures of how to not get seasickness on a fishing boat?

Next up we have a very important and informational section of our guide. Let’s start it before any delay.

Best remedies for seasickness while fishing

If you want to enjoy your fishing with full joy, then sea sickness is a thing that must not wander around you. In this section, we are presenting the most suitable and practised remedies to avoid motion sickness or sea sickness on the boat.

1.       Release all the tension

If it is your first time on the boat or you are not habitual of boats and water. Then even normal things can make you worried and tense. The best way to prevent sea sickness is to release all your tension. Feel free and have fun with your buddies.

2.       Use fresh drinks

Fresh drinks are very helpful in releasing all your tension and keeping you hydrated at the same time.  Using lemon water or mint water with black pepper can help a lot.

 Here fresh juices can also go very well as they keep the mind fresh and relaxed.

3.        Mild exercises and stretches

If you are feeling low or you are seeing the symptoms of motion sickness or seasickness then mild exercises are suggested.

A mild exercise surely helps you overcome the initial symptoms of seasickness.  In addition to it, you will also be distracted from the visuals of the sea.

4.       Use ginger tea

Ginger root has numerous advantages and it is mainly used as an antioxidant.  It also helps in keeping a good balance of electrolytes in our bodies. This remedy is from our grandmothers, so we assure you that this remedy is authentic and reliable.

A cup of hot Ginger water with a lemon squeezed in it is the perfect remedy for seasickness on the boat.

5.        Aromatherapy

Most people are not aware of this therapy for the prevention of seasickness.  Many people question why do people get seasick?

The main cause of seasickness is the continuous motion of the boat and the improper functioning of receptors.  In this regard, the best way to stabilise the brain cells is using aromatherapy.

A fresh lavender or mint scents go best for aromatherapy.

6.       Medication for seasickness

If you are not into these remedies then you must consult your doctor for proper medication for seasickness. If you are susceptible to seasickness then it is appropriate to use medication before the symptoms of seasickness.

Dramamine is considered one of the best medications for seasickness.  As it potentially controls the ailments of the stomach very appropriately. When you are on the boat, Dramamine is the best motion sickness medicine for deep sea fishing.

Using Scopolamine can also help in this condition. It is mainly used for stopping vomiting and dizziness. But this medicine is taken after the prescription of your doctor.

We hope that coming this way long would be highly beneficial for you. And now you have detailed knowledge about how to prevent sea sickness while fishing?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.       What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is also known by another name, seasickness.  It happens due to the continuous motion of both on the water waves.  Causing dizziness nausea and vomiting to the person and feeling unconscious.

  1.       Why do people get seasick?

People get sea sickness due to the contrast between receptors of the inner ear and eyes.  People face this condition on roller coaster rides, riding a bus, or during boating.

  1.       Can you take Dramamine for hangover?

Dramamine is one of the most efficient medicines for treating seasickness. But it can also be used for the hangover.


In the end, we can finally say that you can enjoy your fishing trip without any seasickness.  All you need to do is follow the preventive measures.

We have given you our complete guide on how to prevent sea sickness while fishing.  So what are you waiting for? Plan a fishing trip and have an incredible level of fun.

Still, if you have any queries in your mind related to motion sickness or seasickness feel free to ask.

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